Chinese Host 致歉函




就同學們在旅途上遭遇的問題,我們曾向包辦旅遊的 Chinese Host 旅行社提出口頭與書面抗議,以下是 Chinese Host 的回覆。

Dear Rita, Jean and all committee members,

We have received today your check #168, amount $XXXXXXX to settle our 2 invoices of nos. 31465 & 31528 as the balance payment, please see attached receipts for your record. Thank you very much.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for giving Chinese Host, Inc. the opportunity to take part for your 40 years school reunion arrangements. After more than 1 year of preparations, we finally made it. We do appreciate very much on the members efforts that put to this reunion event with so much detailed works which should make every involved members proud of her abilities. I myself treasured all the times that spent with each of the individual member to make the picture clearer and clearer for the whole event.

Though we were trying all efforts to make the event as close to perfect as possible, there were something unexpected happened leaving blemishes to the event. We sincerely apologize especially for what happened to the buses during the Grand Canyon & Yellowstone Tour and we do appreciate very much on the patience of the affected participants while we were processing the contingency arrangements. We understand that $1,000 of refund as compensation does not show how much that we regret for the incidents but just a little something that we can possibly do. And, we do thank you for all your graciousness to accept this refund as the settlement of the whole event.

We are very grateful for all your comments sent to us regarding our services that allow us to review and improve our services to be delivered to our clients in the future.

Thank you again.

K.C. Leung
Chinese Host, Inc.
6288 Spring Mountain Rd., Suite 110,
Las Vegas, NV89146
Tel: 1 (702)-968-3018 extension 235
Fax: 1 (702)-968-3019

* Posted with permission from Mr. K. C. Leung of Chinese Host, Inc.